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STEP 3 - Add your Awards/Agreements (Start Here)
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ūüéĮ If you are migrating from e-PayDay Legacy, ensure you have¬†printed the¬†Awards List¬†Report, which provides the Employee's Hourly Rate or Salary if it is not defined in the Employee Master File Report.
ūüéĮ You can use the Fair Work¬†Find my awardexternal-icon.png¬†tool¬†to confirm which Awards apply to your Business. You may also have a Registered Agreement in place which can be searched on the¬†Fair Work Commission websiteexternal-icon.png.¬†You should seek external qualified advice if you are unsure.


Select Awards/Agreements.


Select + Add Award/Agreement, then refer to either Add an Award or Add an Agreement to complete the process.


ūüéĮ The¬†Award/Agreement is configured with the rules for a Full Time Payee. However, only the relevant leave rules are brought across when the Award/Agreement is assigned to a Casual Payee (e.g., LSL and PFDVL). This is to ensure that if their Employment Basis changes from Casual to Part or Full Time, the remaining Leave Entitlement rules can be brought across.


ūüéĮ When a Payee is not covered by an award or agreement, they are considered award and agreement-free. However, they are still entitled to at least the National minimum wage and¬†National Employment Standards (NES). Based on this, we recommend that¬†National Employment Standards (NES) be selected in;
- Modern Award when adding an Award.
- Underpinning Award when adding an Agreement.


ūüéĮ When a Payee is paid¬†Directors' Fees¬†instead of¬†Ordinary Time, the Award or Agreement should be configured based on what they would receive if they did work Ordinary Time.

NEXT STEP: After completing the setup process for your Awards/Agreements, you can proceed to add your Superannuation Funds (STEP 4).

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