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Migrate your information from e-PayDay Legacy (Desktop, Hosted or FREEPAY).
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ūüéĮ Due to significant differences between STP Phase 1 and 2 reporting,¬†DO NOT migrate YTD Taxation Balances from e-PayDay¬ģ¬†Legacy as it is an STP Phase 1 solution.


ūüéĮ¬†Many customers have opted to have e-PayDay¬ģ Legacy open and copy/paste the required details into e-PayDay Go rather than manually re-entering the information from Reports.


To commence with e-PayDay Go¬ģ, you have the option to either;

  1. Export the Employee Employees Table to be imported into e-PayDay Go, or
  2. Obtain the following Reports from e-PayDay¬ģ Legacy to enter the required Payees manually,
    1. Awards List - provides the Employee's Hourly Rate or Salary if it is not defined in the Employee Master File Report.
    2. Superannuation Fund List details some information you require to add the superannuation funds.
    3. Employee Masterfile provides most of the information required to migrate the Payees.
    4. Accrual Tracking Report for the last pay run you processed, as this will detail the Outstanding Balance which needs to be entered into e-PayDay Go.
    5. Payment Summary details the Payees Tax File Number and is one of the only reports that provides this information.

Once you have obtained the information to commence migration, please follow our¬†e-PayDay Go¬ģ Getting Started Guide.


ūüĎȬ†If you have chosen to¬†Export the Employee Employees Table to be imported into e-PayDay Go, please ensure you have added your¬†Awards/Agreements,¬†Superannuation Funds¬†and amended the¬†AwardDBID,¬†MemberFundID and¬†SGLFundID within the e-PayDay Legacy Export.


ūüéĮ¬†You can use the Fair Work provided¬†Find my award¬†and¬†P.A.C.T.¬†to confirm which Awards apply to your Business. You may also have a Registered Agreement in place, which can be searched on the¬†Fair Work Commission website.¬†You should seek externally qualified advice if you are unsure of the applicable Awards, as e-PayDay Team¬†Members are not qualified to provide this guidance.


ūüéĮ After using e-PayDay Go¬ģ to¬†submit¬†your first STP2 Submission¬†to the ATO, Process your End Of Financial Year¬†to finalise¬†the YTD Taxation balances¬†reported in¬†e-PayDay¬ģ Legacy. Two Income Statements will be available in myGov, and the information will be consolidated when the ATO pre-fills the IITR at the end of the financial year.
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