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STEP 4 - Add your Superannuation Funds. (Start Here)
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ūüéĮ If you are migrating from e-PayDay Legacy, ensure you have¬†printed the¬†Superannuation Funds List¬†Report, which details the information required to add the superannuation funds.


Select Superannuation.


Select Add a Fund.


Either Search by ABN, ACN or Name or manually enter the Superannuation Fund's Australian Business Number (ABN), Unique Superannuation Identifier (USI) or Electronic Service Address (ESA) Fund Name and Product Name.


Select Payment Frequency and Method. 


ūüĎČ If required, change the¬†Payment Method.


ūüĎČ If¬†Direct Credit¬†is selected,¬†enter the¬†Superannuation Fund's¬†BSB,¬†Account Number and Account Name, then select¬†Save.


ūüĎČ If¬†BPay¬†is selected, enter the Superannuation Fund's¬†BPay Biller Code¬†and your Customer¬†Reference Number (CRN), then select¬†Save.


NEXT STEP: When your Superannuation settings are finished, review the system default Pay Types and add any you require (STEP 5).

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