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Taxation Explained (No TFN)
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🎯 Taxation is the first section within the Taxation and Medicare Details Accordion, and is used to define the Payee's Taxation Classification for payments. With STP Phase 2, these details are also included in all relevant Submissions.



Tax Treatment: No TFN is applicable when the Payee is either An Australian resident for tax purposes or A Foreign resident for tax purposes and is using Exemption Tax File Number 000-000-000 as they have not provided a Tax File Number within the relevant timeframe per the Tax File Number Declaration (NAT 3092)


Tax Treatment Code is disabled and automatically generates a unique Identifier based on the ATO's requirements, which determines the applicable ATO Taxation Schedule for the appropriate Pay RatesAllowances and Deductions

If the first two identifiers are


Income Stream defaults to Salary and Wages and allows you to select if the Payee is considered to be a Closely Held Payee (an individual who is directly related to the entity from which they receive payment).

Employment Basis is based on the Payees' regularity of work and entitlement to Leave.


Date Signed and Payee Signature Present? indicate the date the Payee signed and returned the physical Tax File Number Declaration to you.

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