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Step 4 - Reports Explained (Pay Day)
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ūüéĮ¬†The¬†Reports Page¬†is the fourth step of the¬†Pay Run Procedure¬†and is used to confirm that the information entered into Process for all Payees is correct before continuing to¬†FAST-Bank.



The Reports List allows you to select from the available Reports.


Report Options allows you to select the appropriate selection criteria based on the Report you have selected. Certain options are disabled (e.g. Payees).


Page Controls allows you to navigate between the various pages within the report selected.


The Toggle Multi Page button allows you to select if you would prefer to see the report on 1 continuous page or multiple pages.


The Zoom Down, Zoom Percentage and Zoom Up icons allow you to change the font size within the selected report.


The Print Icon allows you to print the selected report.


The Export Icon allows you to export the selected report in the format you require.


The Search icon allows you to locate certain information within the selected report.


The Full Screen Icon allows you to view the report as a full screen.

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