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STEP 8 - Process your Pay Run. (Start Here)
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You are now ready to process your pay run.


To get started, please follow the steps below,


Step 1 - Commence a new Regular, Our Of Cycle or Missed Pay Run.

Step 2 - Select the required Payees for the Pay Run.

Step 3 - Process the required Payee's Pay.

Step 4 - Print and verify your Reports.

Step 5 - Create the FAST-Bank File.

Step 6 - Preview, Print, Export or e-Mail Pay Slips.

Step 7 - Post the Pay Run and Notify ATO.


🎯 If there are any issues when completing Step 4, amend the required Payees Pay at Step 3, then reprocess Step 4.
🎯 Please ensure all information is correct before completing Step 7, as once the pay run has been declared as true and correct, it is unable to be amended and corrections will need to be made by following Correct a mistake which has been reported to the ATO.
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