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Post the Pay Run and Notify the ATO
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ūüéĮAs e-PayDay Go is connected to the ATO using a Sending Service Provider (SSP), your connection will be established upon sending your first submission.¬†The SSP we use is SuperChoice.


Select Notify ATO.


Select I am notifying the ATO that:


Update the Declarer Name, if required.


ūüĎČ If the¬†Pay Day is in the past Alert is displayed, either change the¬†Pay Run Type to Missed¬†OR¬†Change the Pay Run Pay Day.


ūüĎČ If the¬†Previous BMS ID Alert¬†is displayed,¬†please exit the Pay Run¬†and refer to either;

  1. Remove the Organisations Previous BMS ID.
  2. Send an Update Event to the ATO.


To view a copy of the Payevnt before it is sent to the ATO, select Preview STP File.


Otherwise, select Post Pay Run and Notify ATO.


The following window will be displayed, once your submission has been validated and sent to the ATO.


ūüéĮ¬†If any other alerts are displayed, please¬†Request Support and include a copy of what is displayed to you.


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