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Public Holiday (Taken)
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🎯 The reporting of payments for Public Holiday (Taken) has not changed per the Australian Taxation Office Single Touch Payroll Phase 1 guidance. Public Holiday (Taken) continues to be reported under Gross.

🎯 If you are unsure if this Pay Type applies to your circumstances, please refer to the Payee's Employment Contract or obtain advice from either the Australian Taxation Office or Fair Work Ombudsman.


Public Holiday (Taken) is applicable when the Payee is being paid for their absence from work on a Public Holiday.


Public Holiday (Taken) uses the Rate Per Hour set in the Payee Master File (100.00%) and Leave Entitlements are applicable, provided the rules have been configured. Payments with this pay type are considered to be Salary & WagesTaxable and Ordinary Time Earnings (OTE).



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