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Single Touch Payroll Explained
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Single Touch Payroll (STP) is a reporting system that allows businesses to electronically provide payroll information directly to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). If required, the details are then shared with other government agencies when you process your pay run. To manage STP reporting within e-PayDay Go®, you can access the Single Touch Payroll Menu. When you process a pay run, you can report all the required information to the ATO after completing all the necessary steps. Single Touch Payroll Reporting is included in e-PayDay Go®, and all reporting is automatically managed using a Sending Service Provider (SSP).


The Single Touch Payroll Menu contains the following options:

  • View STP Submissions to confirm your reports have been processed.
  • Send STP Update when you need to inform the ATO of any changes to a payee that are not performed by processing a pay run.
  • STP EOFY Manager for reporting the end of the financial year information, also called a final event. You do not need to send a final event before being able to start a pay run in the new financial year.
  • Zero STP YTD Balances to advise the ATO that the balances reported from e-PayDay Go need to be zeroed out for ALL Payees.

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