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Superannuation Rules Explained (Payees)
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ūüéĮ Superannuation Rules¬†is the first section within Superannuation Rules and Fund Details, and allows you to define the¬†relevant Superannuation Rules which apply to this Payee.

Under 18 Employer SG Rule allows you to select if the Payee is entitled to Employer SG per Employees aged under 18.


Domestic or Private Worker Employer SG Rule allows you to select if the Payee is entitled to Employer SG per Domestic or Private Workers.

ūüéĮ Due to the calculation requirements, the¬†Under 18 Employer SG Rule¬†and¬†Domestic or Private Worker Employer SG Rule¬†can only be selected if¬†Pay Period = Weekly¬†for the initial release. Further guidance is being sort regarding how this rule applies to Payees paid in a different Pay Period (e.g. Fortnightly)
Maximum Contribution Base Rule allows you to select if the Payee is entitled to Employer SG per Maximum super contribution.
ūüéĮ The¬†Maximum Contribution Base calculation is yet to be implemented in the Pay Run. Therefore selecting this checkbox presently will not do anything until the calculation is implemented in the future release,
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