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Award Details Explained (Award File)
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ūüéĮ¬†Award Details is the first section within the¬†Award¬†and defines the Modern Award or Agreement, Rate¬†Per Hour or Annual Salary (Excluding SG).



Active allows you to select whether this Award is inactive. If it is assigned to an Active Payee, the checkbox is disabled.


When The P.A.C.T (Pay And Conditions Tool) Button is selected, the Fair Work Ombudsman Pay Calculator opens.


Modern Award requires you to select the Award the Payees Employment conditions are based on.


The Link Icon is displayed next to Modern Award once an option has been selected, and opens the URL for the specific Award you have selected.

e.g.¬†Clerks‚ÄĒPrivate Sector Award 2020 {MA000002}


Award Name requires you to manually enter the Name as required when Modern Award is set to National Employment Standards (NES), QLD Award or WA Award.


Classification requires you to manually either select or enter the classification as required.


OTE Hours Per Week is automatically populated with 38.00 and allows you to change as required.


Days Per Week is automatically populated with 5.00 and allows you to change as required.


Rate Per Hour is populated from the Fair Work API based on the Classification selected.


Annual Salary (Excluding SG) is dynamically calculated based on the OTE Hours Per Week multiplied by the Rate Per Hour. This field also allows you to manually enter the required Annual Salary to dynamically calculate the Rate per Hour.


Hours Per Day is dynamically calculated based on the OTE Hours Per Week divided by the Days Per Week.


Per Week (estimate) is dynamically calculated based on the OTE Hours Per Week multiplied by the Rate Per Hour.


State allows you to select the State to which the Award or Agreement is applicable. An Award may sometimes apply in multiple states, but the Rate per Hour differs.

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