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Awards/Agreements Explained
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ūüéĮ¬†Awards/Agreements¬†are used to define the Payee's Employment Conditions. This profile¬†is then linked to the Payee within Employment & Payment, and pre-fills the required details.


Add Award/Agreement enables you to add a new Award or Agreement.


Search enables you to enter information to filter the results shown in the Award/Agreements List.


Advanced Filters enables you to select the relevant options to filter the results shown in the Award/Agreements List.


The Award/Agreements List displays the Modern/Underpinning Award, Agreement Name, Classification, Set or Average Hours, Hourly Rate, Yearly Salary, State the Award/Agreement applies to, Annual Leave, Sick and Carer's Leave, Long Service Leave, Other Leave and RDO's for each previously added Award or Agreement.

ūüéĮ¬†We've included the ability to change the sort order by selecting the relevant arrow in the Table Headings.


The Actions Button enables you to Edit, View, Copy or Delete each Award/Agreement listed in the table. 

ūüéĮ¬†The ability to¬†delete¬†an Award/Agreement is not available when it is Active.


Showing X to X of X entries. Show X entries allows you to select how many Award/Agreements you would like displayed per page.


Pagination Controls allows you to navigate between the pages of Award/Agreements.

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