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Home > End Of Financial Year (EOFY) Survival Guide > STEP 4 - Print Reports to assist in completing your End Of Financial Year (End Of Financial Year (EOFY) Survival Guide)
STEP 4 - Print Reports to assist in completing your End Of Financial Year (End Of Financial Year (EOFY) Survival Guide)
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Select Reports.


Review the Payee Transactions Report to confirm all required pay runs have been processed for all Payees.


👉 If you notice any payments are;

  1. Missing: ensure they are added by referring to Commence a New Missed Pay Run.
  2. Incorrectly recorded: depending on the exact issue located, a correction can be processed by either;
    1. Manually entering Adjustment Balances in the Payee Master File or;
    2. Processing an Out of Cycle or Missed Pay Run after referring to Correct a mistake which has been reported to the ATO.

Next, print the following reports to confirm the Payees Taxation Balances have been reported correctly,

  1. Payee Balances - as this Report does also detail some items which are not reported, please also generate the next five Reports.
  2. Payee Balances (ATO STP2 Summary).
  3. Payee Balances (Allowances ATO STP2 Summary).
  4. Payee Balances (Deductions and Super ATO STP2 Summary).
  5. Payee Balances (ETP ATO STP2 Summary).
  6. Payee Balances (Fringe Benefits Tax ATO STP2 Summary).

👉 If you migrated Taxation Balances from your prior payroll software, these will be displayed in Opening/Adjustment within the Payee Balances Report and are not included in YTD within the same report. These values are added to, or subtracted from, the Payees YTD Balances with every STP Submission.


In addition to the above, we also recommend printing the below reports;

  1. Withholding Tax.
  2. Leave Liability (Annual Leave).

  3. Leave Liability (Sick & Carer's Leave).

  4. Leave Liability (Long Service Leave).

  5. Leave Liability (Rostered Days Off).

  6. Leave Liability (Time Off In Lieu).

  7. Leave Liability (Leave - Other).

NEXT STEP: Now you are ready to send the final event to the ATO finalising your EOFY.

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